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What About Bob?

Bob Horowitz is a Northern Virginia artisan who handcrafts all his products using a high-speed lathe.  He is a member of the Capital Area Woodturners and American Association of Woodturners, and is a juried member of the Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild where he served as President and chair of the Standards Committee. 

Bob's love of  woodturning began in earnest when he retired from a civilian career  with the U.S. Coast Guard in 2006.  Having learned the basics of  woodturning before retirement at adult education classes in Fairfax  County, Virginia, he began turning full time after retirement.  Mostly  self-taught, Bob hones his turning skills by spending many hours in his  workshop experimenting with various techniques.  In January 2007 he  began his small business, Bob The Woodturner, and since then has  been displaying and selling his creations at local juried craft shows.   From 2009 to 2015 he  was a member of The Artists Undertaking Gallery, a cooperative gallery in historic Occoquan, Virginia.  His  work can be seen at Hardwood Artisans in Shirlington, VA, and at The Artisans  in McLean, VA, 


What Does Bob Do?


In his home workshop, Bob creates wood products such as bowls, vases,  platters, lidded boxes, and wine stoppers, occasionally wood-burning  lighthouse and other images on his hand-turned platters.  Crafting his objects mainly  from local wood including cherry, maple, poplar and walnut, most of  which is reclaimed from his neighborhood, he creates a shape that  highlights the grain, color, bark and patterns unique to each piece of  wood.  Every finished piece displays its own natural beauty.  Bob loves  starting with a log and seeing what surprises turn up. 


Why Purchase Bob's Art?

Each of Bob The Woodturner's finely crafted wood turnings are unique objects of art.  Many customers return year after year to add to their collections.  Not only are his wood turnings art, many are also utilitarian and provide years of use.  Bob's wood turnings have been sought after by customers throughout the United States and many have been purchased and found homes in other countries.  All of Bob's art is made in the USA.

General Information


I craft bowls, vases, platters and other hand-turned wood products.  I also woodburn lighthouses on hand-turned platters.  I can custom burn any lighthouse or other image for which I have a clear picture.  Examples of my work are in the photo gallery (some are currently available; some are sold).  Click on an image for its description.

Where can you purchase my products?

You can purchase my wood turnings at Hardwood Artisans (www.hardwoodartisans.com), 2800 S. Randolph St., Shirlington, VA and The Artisans (www.theartisans.biz) at 1368 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA.  You may also make an appointment to visit my home studio in Falls Church, VA.

Art & Craft Shows

I am reducing the number of art & craft shows in which I participate (for fall 2017 I will not be participating in the Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild shows).  Any upcoming shows will be posted on this website. 

Internet Purchases

I discourage purchasing my bowls and unique pieces over the internet as I want customers to see and feel the item in person.  However, I am happy to sell the smaller items, such as wine bottle stoppers, ring holders and vases, and my lighthouse platters (which can be custom made). Email me if you are interested in purchasing these items.  Wine bottle stoppers make great gifts for bridesmaids and ushers, office colleagues and party favors.  I accept all major credit cards.

Special Events

On June 3, 2017, I will be demonstrating woodturning and displaying and selling my turnings at Hardwood Artisans' Annual Lemonade Social at their woodshop at 21405 Business Ct., Elkwood, VA.  Hours are 9 am to 4 pm.


Are my bowls food safe?  Yes.  According to published literature, all finishes are food safe once they cure.  Some, such as the walnut oil formulation I use on my utilitarian bowls, are food safe immediately upon application.  On my artistic pieces I normally apply a polyurethane.  These are food safe by the time I offer them for sale.

How do you care for your bowl?  The utilitarian bowl should be hand washed with dish soap and a non-abrasive cloth and dried after washing.  Do not leave liquid in the bowl for long times as cracks might develop.  Wood may change shape depending on humidity.  If the bottom wobbles, it can be leveled by rubbing the bowl's bottom over sandpaper (220 grit recommended) taped to a flat surface.  With care, the bowl should last for many years.  It can be freshened up with butcher block or mineral oil.  A bowl with the polyurethane finish can be damp wiped or dusted, depending on use.

Can I woodburn a custom image?  Yes.  I have woodburned historic houses and other landmarks.  Email me an image and I will advise if I can duplicate it on a platter.  Platter sizes are usually 9" to 10" in diameter.

Video of Bob The Woodturner

  •  View a movie  documentary on Bob The Woodturner by Matthew Evan Daniels  (www.mathewevandaniels.com).  First in a series: "Do what you love  everyday #1: The Woodturner" 

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