About Bob The Woodturner

What About Bob?

Bob Horowitz is a Northern Virginia artisan who handcrafts all his products using a high-speed lathe.  He is a member of the Capital Area Woodturners and American Association of Woodturners, and was a juried member of the Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild where he served as President and chair of the Standards Committee. Bob's  love of  woodturning began in earnest when he retired from a civilian  career  with the U.S. Coast Guard in 2006.  Having learned the basics of   woodturning before retirement at adult education classes in Fairfax   County, Virginia, he began turning full time after retirement.  Mostly   self-taught, Bob hones his turning skills by spending many hours in his   workshop experimenting with various techniques.  In January 2007 he   began his small business, Bob The Woodturner,  and since then has  been displaying and selling his creations at local  juried craft shows.   From 2009 to 2015 he  was a member of The Artists Undertaking Gallery,  a cooperative gallery in historic Occoquan, Virginia.  His  work can be  seen at The Artisans  in  McLean, VA. 

What Does Bob Do?

 In  his home workshop, Bob creates wood products such as bowls, vases,   platters, lidded boxes, and wine stoppers, occasionally wood-burning   lighthouse and other images on his hand-turned platters.  Crafting his  objects mainly  from local wood including cherry, maple, poplar and  walnut, most of  which is reclaimed from his neighborhood, he creates a  shape that  highlights the grain, color, bark and patterns unique to  each piece of  wood.  Every finished piece displays its own natural  beauty.  Bob loves  starting with a log and seeing what surprises turn  up.  

Why Purchase Bob's Art?


Each of Bob The Woodturner's finely crafted wood turnings are unique objects of art.  Many customers return year after year to add to their collections.  Not only are his wood turnings art, many are also utilitarian and provide years of use.  Bob's wood turnings have been sought after by customers throughout the United States and many have been purchased and found homes in other countries.  All of Bob's art is made in the USA.